Water Baptism

Our next Water Baptism  will be on Sunday, January 28th @ 10:30am!

Getting baptized is a public declaration
of your faith.

Water Baptism symbolizes that the sins of your past have been washed clean. You are showing the world through baptism that you are living your life for Jesus Christ.

If you’d like to receive more information about our upcoming baptism schedule, scroll down and complete the Signup Form at the bottom of this page.

We are so proud of you for making this important decision in your walk with Christ!

Baptism FAQ

Who should get Baptized?

Anyone who has made the decision to eagerly follow Jesus Christ
as their Lord (complete Authority) and Savior (ultimate Redeemer) is encouraged to get baptized.

Baptism FAQ

Why should I get baptized?

Actions speak louder than words.
Being baptized is a symbolic action that boldly declares, “I worship and serve Jesus Christ!”

Baptism FAQ

Where is Water Baptism found in the Bible?

We see in Mark 1 and Matthew 3 that Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River
by John the Baptist before He began His earthly ministry.

Baptism FAQ

Okay, I signed up for Baptism, what now?

All baptism candidates are required to take part in our Baptism Class.
Information about the class is available on the baptism form.

Baptism FAQ

What should I wear?

You will receive a special “All In” t-shirt to wear at baptism.
Wear comfortable fitting dark colored pants (or shorts).

Baptism FAQ

What should I bring?

You’ll want to pack a  complete change of clothes (including undergarments).

Baptism FAQ

Do I have to be fully submerged underwater?

Yes. Colossians 2:12 states that baptism symbolizes our being buried with Christ.
 Being submerged in water represents your old life; coming out of the water represents your new life with Jesus.