At Next City Church, we believe that children are a
gift from God and we're excited that you
 are considering child dedication.

The commitment to dedicate a child to the Lord can only be as strong as a parent's commitment to the Lord. Child dedication is a public declaration you make before God, your church, and your family.

The dedication service provides an opportunity to publicly express your desire to lead and spiritually nurture your child with the Holy Spirit as your guide.

As your child grows and as you fulfill your promises,
 our prayer is that your child will develop a
desire to love God and others.

Getting The Process Started:

We Require That:

Parents wishing to present their child[ren] for
dedication must be united in marriage AND

At least one parent be born again and living a life consistent with
 biblical instruction and growing in Christ.

Getting The Process Started:

We strongly recommend that the couple desiring to dedicate a child,
will have been attending Next City Church for at least
one year prior to the dedication date.

Parents are required to meet with a pastor prior to the dedication.
Families often plan for a gathering immediately following the service.
Before making plans, please ensure that you have an email
 confirmation of the date from our Ministry Office.

The Service:

The parents and child[ren] will be called to the altar during the service
and the pastor will deliver a brief biblical exhortation to the parents and offer
 a prayer of dedication for the child and parents.

Please note that at this time only the immediate family (parents and siblings)
of the child who is being dedicated will be allowed on the platform.

Follow Up:

It is our desire to see each family raise their children in a Godly environment.
 We encourage you to involve yourselves and
your child(ren) in ministry at Next City Church.

There is something for everyone!
  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to minister to your family.